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Welcome to the art gallery.
Are you looking for something special?
Maybe you'd like to capture some of your child's toys in a painting, or
perhaps some of dad's old tools that meant so much to him.
What can we put together for you?
Some of the paintings you see here are for sale.
If you are interested, please contact me at 717 259-0804 or

Evening Light, Pastel on matt board

Above: Sunset in Paradise...Twp. PA

"Brodbeck's Band 1878" Pastel on paper

Above: “English Alley” - Pastel on paper

Mural for a private camp.

This is just a sample of my work. I also do murals and posters.

Above: Pastel on paper 16 x 20

Pastel on paper 18x24

Below: "English Alley 2" - pastel on paper


Pastel on paper 11x14


"Study of Light and Perspective" Pastel on paper