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Welcome to Andrew Maher Custom Furniture and Repair, located in beautiful Thomasville, York County, Pennsylvania. Please take a moment to check out  photographs of custom built-ins, custom furniture, repairs, and restorations of fine furniture. To view photos of furniture, click on "Photo Gallery" above. I am also an artist and have included some of my artwork. To see the artwork, click on "Art Gallery." (NOTE: many pieces of my artwork are now available as greeting cards. Call for more information.) To see a larger image, just click on the photo.
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May 6, 2016

Above: Yet another unique project in the shop. I have no idea how old this carousel horse is, but what a fun project to restore. I'm very happy to report that the owner is extremely pleased.

Below: This clock, while not the oldest piece I've had in the shop, is certainly the most complete restoration I've ever had to do. Built in Boston c. 1780, it was shipped to Ireland, and then returned to th U.S. sometime in the 1950s where the new owner thought he would refinish it , removing much of the milk paint with a belt sander, four layers, each a different color, and then stored the piece in a barn for many years. What a project.



From office furniture to family heirlooms.  From design and build to repair, refinishing, and restoration.  Is your office looking for a new conference table or perhaps a trophy case to show off the company's softball team awards?  Are the kitchen chairs a bit wobbly, or is great-great-grandpa's dresser in need of restoration?  I can provide the care that all of these projects need.  I've had pieces from the early 1700s to the present in the shop, and it's a joy for me to be a part of the history.  Call me.  Together, let's make and save some memories.

* Working wood since 1986

* Designing and building free-standing furniture and built-in cabinetry
* Repairs and refinishing
* Restoration of antiques 
* Lathe work
* Fine Art
* Professional installation of electronics available for entertainment centers
* Caning, upholstery, and clock repair services available

(717) 259-0804